General questions

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Will Vodafone GUARDIAN run down my vehicle’s battery?

The principle of operation of Vodafone GUARDIAN is in some ways similar to the principle of operation of a mobile phone: “standby” mode and “active operation” mode. It’s no secret that if you don’t use the phone, the battery will still discharge. If you don’t use a vehicle for a long time, the same thing happens. But this problem is characteristic of many modern vehicles equipped with an on-board computer, air suspension, door finishers, etc. The power consumption of the Vodafone GUARDIAN is from 5 to 20 milliamps, which will save the battery even after 2-3 weeks of vehicle downtime.

In which countries will Vodafone GUARDIAN operate?

Vodafone GUARDIAN coverage is 60+ countries of near and far abroad, of which 45 are European countries (a full list is available on the company’s website).

I want to go abroad, will Vodafone GUARDIAN operate there?

Yes, it will. A feature of Vodafone GUARDIAN operation in roaming is that when a controlled vehicle is outside Ukraine, the Dispatch Center continues to receive alarms, but can only respond by calling a client and notifying him/her of an incident.

At the same time, outside Ukraine, Benish GPS Dispatch Center transmits information about hijacking to the National Service Provider of the country, in which a client is located (if the territory of this country is served and included in the Vodafone Automotive service coverage area), or a client independently calls authorized law enforcement agencies in case of hijacking theft or damage to the vehicle.

Will Vodafone GUARDIAN help when using special jamming equipment?

At the moment, work is underway to reduce the response time to loss of communication and the possibility of detecting intentional jamming of GSM signal is being tested. We cannot name specific dates today. If there is an alarm message when communication is lost, we will notify you.

In any case, the vehicle remains guarded using the immobilizer code lock, and all alarm events are recorded in the unit memory. When communication with the vehicle appears, all alarming events are instantly sent to the Dispatch Center, and the dispatcher will see the location of the vehicle.

How long can the built-in battery in the Vodafone GUARDIAN system hold the charge?

In normal mode, Vodafone GUARDIAN can operate without voltage from the on-board network autonomously for 12-24 hours.

What is controlled on a vehicle equipped with Vodafone GUARDIAN?

Vodafone GUARDIAN security system responds to unauthorized opening of doors, hood, vehicle trunk, attempts to unauthorized ignition (without driver’s tag), attempts to disconnect the system, attempts to tow the vehicle; tracks the location of the vehicle online, the battery charge of the vehicle, the battery charge of the head unit of the system, the battery charge of the driver’s tag.

What are the advantages of Vodafone GUARDIAN over vehicle alarms?

Advantage 1. The equipment of Vodafone GUARDIAN security system is manufactured in the European Union, is not large and is installed only in official dealerships or directly at Benish GPS Service Center, unlike vehicle alarms that are sold in vehicle stores, vehicle markets and through the Internet and therefore are already very well studied by vehicle thieves. And this entails the risk of quite simple hacking and, as a result, hijacking your vehicle. Vodafone GUARDIAN equipment is installed covertly and in no way gives out its presence in the vehicle interior.

Advantage 2. In order to ensure round-the-clock monitoring of the condition of your vehicle, the company operates the Dispatch Center in 366/24/7 mode. In case of any threats to the safety of the vehicle, an employee of the Dispatch Center contacts you or your proxies to find out the reasons for the alarming event received from the system equipment. Depending on the specific situation, the dispatcher can remotely block the movement of the vehicle, call the police squad or provide other rapid response services, and assist you in other emergency situations.

At the same time, having installed an alarm, in difficult situations you will find yourself alone with a problem, and you will have to independently respond to all alarms received (call the police, run to the vehicle, etc.).

What is Vodafone GUARDIAN?

Vodafone GUARDIAN is a state-of-the-art satellite vehicle security system designed to protect your vehicle from unlawful actions by third parties and prevent attempts to damage and steal it.